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XPS 2T E-Tec Synthetic Oil

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  • Specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of Rotax engines, it provides maximum protection against engine wear in E-TEC engines.
  • Uses a highly effective package to keep engine parts lubricated, clean and free of wear.
  • This low smoke, low odor formula also allows for maximum engine performance.
  • Can be used in direct, semi-direct fuel injection system and high performance carburated 2-stroke engines.

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XPS 2T E-Tec Synthetic Oil - 1 quart / 946 ml
product # 779126
XPS 2T E-Tec Synthetic Oil - 1 US gallon / 3.785 L
product # 779127
XPS 2T E-Tec Synthetic Oil - 2.5 US gallons / 9.46 L
product # 779128